Monday, January 21, 2013

Do not disturb is bliss

The girls have taken to spending a lot of time in their bedroom. They often announce, "We're play in our room. Do not disturb us." This is great.

Of course, when they are mad at us, they say, "Do not disturb" in a slightly more angry or annoyed tone of voice. I know this is meant to punish us in a "we're not talking to you now" way.

I find it so amusing. They think they are punishing us by not talking to us, but I enjoy the silence. Eventually they come out of their room and chat as if nothing happened. Sometimes they announce that they aren't mad at us any more.

Whether they just want some space to play or stew, I enjoy when the girls say, "Do not disturb." The next time we go to a hotel I'm going to swipe one of those door hangers. It will make it easier for me to remember what I'm supposed to do.

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