Friday, January 4, 2013

A perfect outcome

In our quest to get stuff done while the girls are on winter break, we scheduled a few medical appointments. Today they went to their annual eye exam. This made the blond twin both nervous and excited.

This first thing she said this morning was, "What if I don't have to wear my glasses any more?"

I replied, "Honey, the only person I know who ever went from needing glasses to not needing them at all is your cousin Maddie. I wouldn't count on it." She was so hopeful that I didn't want to completely crush her optimism. I figured I'd let the eye doctor talk to her about the importance of wearing her eye glasses.

She kept talking about not having to wear her glasses any more. She really disliked wearing her glasses. Her eyesight wasn't really bad. It was just a fraction off, enough to give her a headache when she played on the computer too long or sat under florescent lights all day. She always tries to leave her glasses at home. More often than not she succeeded because I was not always paying attention.

She made a point of telling me over and over again that the school photographer told her she should take off her glasses because she looked prettier. She talked about that every time we took a photo. She talked about being "fancy" without her glasses.

Have I mentioned that she really disliked her glasses?

I don't know how she did it, but she came home with perfect vision. I knew the minute she bounced through the door with a huge smile on her face. At first I thought she was just playing with me. I didn't really think she could have gone from needing glasses to perfect vision, but she did.

I know at some point the giddiness will wear off, but it won't be soon. The worst part is she'll be all too happy to constantly remind me that she was right.

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