Sunday, December 9, 2012

We have to buy them Christmas presents?

We were discussing Christmas presents when we came upon a shocking discovery. We hadn't bought a thing to put under the Christmas tree for our girls. Actually, to clarify, we hadn't bought anything that would come from us.

I feel like I've been Christmas shopping for the girls for a long time now. I bought all Gramma's gifts for the girls. We've discussed gift ideas with relatives on both sides. We've received ideas from the girls. What we haven't done is buy anything that will say "Love, Daddy and Mommy" on the gift tag.

In what is highly unusual for us, we're scrambling for gifts. We have ideas so we're not totally lost. We're just not where we usually are this close to Christmas. Luckily we figured out our situation before December 24. Now we're crossing our fingers that we're still in time for standard shipping and the stores are not sold out.

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