Saturday, December 1, 2012

The NHL lockout is ruining my quilting

Now that I've finished creating my quilt from Dad's shirts I need the motivation to finish it. Part of my problem is the weather has been warmer than you might expect for November. I was not ready to snuggle under a quilt to I watch TV or read when I was still opening windows. Part of my problem is the NHL lockout means we haven't had any hockey on TV this season.

As I sewed the quilt top I imagined myself with the quilt on my lap watching the Chicago Blackhawks. Dad taught us to love hockey so it would be like he was there in spirit with me. Well, no hockey meant no motivation to finish.

The weather took a sharply winter turn this week, which is my new motivation to finish the quilt. Even if the NHL lockout lasts the entire season the cold weather is still coming. Like it or not I'll end up on the couch with a quilt on my lap. If I want it to be Dad's quilt, I need to get moving.

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