Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf is making Christmas shopping harder

We were walking to school when I reminded the girls that they needed to write a letter to Santa. The brunette twin said, "I'm not writing a letter this year. I told the elf what I wanted. He talks directly to Santa so I don't need to write a letter."


It's great that the elf is taking the information back to Santa, but it's a problem for those of us who still need to buy our girls Christmas presents.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget you also have Oreo and his tail! At our house, breakable go on top and non-breakable go from the tallest dog's tail range down.

Anonymous said...

You need to get better at eavesdropping on the conversations with the elf ;-)

or ask what she told the elf so that you don't duplicate any presents.