Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let it snow

For the first time in nearly a year we had some snow fall yesterday. It wasn't much, but it was cold too so I went looking for my snow boots.

I couldn't find them.

I knew I owned snow boots. I remembered wearing them a lot two winters ago. Last winter was so mild I think I wore gym shoes every day. I'm not sure I put on any winter boots last winter.

This lead to me searching the house wondering where I stored my winter boots. I eventually found them, but then I was afraid to put my foot in one. I hadn't even thought about these boots for more than a year. Can you imagine all the icky things that could have been in my boots? I imagined lots of things, but nothing was in my boots.

I anticipate wearing these boots a lot this winter. We've decided not to go to Florida this January. The last time we didn't go to Florida in January we had a harsh winter which included a blizzard.

Now you are looking for your winter boots, aren't you?

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