Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm not your friend

Overheard walking home from school

Blond Twin: "My friend at school said her mom is her best friend. Will you be my friend?"

Mom:  "Sorry baby. I'm your Momma, not your friend. You'll have lots of friends, but just one Momma."

Blond Twin: "You're more special than a friend."

Mom: "You too blondie."

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to you! We should be parents not friends in our young children's lives.

I am saddened (and somewhat angry) by the hurdles to becoming an independent adult that my step-daughter's Mom has created for my now 20+ year-old step-daughter by "being her friend" since she was a small child.

In trying to look at the brighter side, it fortifies my resolve to be a PARENT and not make the same mistake with my son (I'm sure I'm making and will make mistakes, but him being an independent adult with the ability to budget and handle money won't be one of them if I keep my resolve!).

I do think parents and children can reach a point of "being friends", but that it typically happens when the child is a fully functional, independent adult. I don't view the parent who 'enables' dependent behavior (emotionally, financially or otherwise) in their adult children as being a good friend.