Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grammie is on the naughty list

The brunette twin screamed when she saw Cane (our elf on the shelf) sitting on the piano. She said, "Who moved Cane?"

We all denied touching Cane because we know you should never, ever, ever touch the elf on the shelf. I said, "Maybe Grammie did it. She didn't know any better. I be Cane will forgive her."
The brunette twin turned to me and said, "She did know Mom. I told her not to touch the elf and why. I read the book to her so she'd understand why she shouldn't touch Cane."

At this point I'm stuck. I have nothing left to say to defend Grammie. I said, "Talk to Cane. I'm sure he'll understand."

The brunette twin would not be pacified. She fretted about what would happen now that Grammie touched Cane. She wondered if Santa would be so angry he wouldn't bring any presents.

As for me, I'm just glad I'm not Grammie right now. The brunette twin is really angry. Of course it won't last long, but at this moment Grammie is number one of the brunette twin's naughty list.

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