Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Will they know we wrapped these?

I've been ordering Christmas presents for the girls' teachers from school, piano, etc. We had a drawer full of stuff waiting to be wrapped. While Daddy put up the tree, I had the girls wrapped their teacher gifts.

There was a lot of wrapping paper, tape and bows. There was a lot of giggling, paper tearing and second attempts. There was a lot of ribbon everywhere. They wrote the gift tags using their best handwriting with swirls and hearts.

After all the presents were wrapped the brunett twin said, "Do you think they will know we wrapped these?"

Of course this was her worry. The brunette twin wouldn't think about how much people would like the gift. She would worry that her work wasn't good enough. I said, "Oh yeah. These are so pretty they will know you had to be the one who wrapped these."

She seemed satistified with my answer while she fiddled with a ribbon. I told her how pretty her presents were again. She bounced upstairs to her room happy that she did a good job. I was happy that she was happy, even if I wish she didn't have the worry in the first place.

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