Thursday, November 1, 2012

Off to the vet we go

This has been a long morning. The girls cried when they saw Oreo. He was clearly off this morning -- slow like he hadn't slept last night. He wasn't mean or angry. He was just slow. We did all the normal things and when we came home I realized Oreo was still draining some gunk from where he was bitten.

Last night it stopped bleeding, but this morning it was all wet again. It's not in an area he can lick so it's not like he was trying to clean it. I called the vet and away we went.

Our poor, sweet, beautiful dog now has two drains where the other dog punctured his skin, antibiotics, pain medicine and a big blue cone. When the office staff saw him they said, "Oh, Oreo has a party hat." If I'm sure of anything it's that he doesn't think of the cone as a party hat.

He needs to wear it so he doesn't scratch the drains out or injure his skin where the vet tech shaved it. She said it would bother him until it grows back, with the worst part being the next two weeks.

Oreo needs to go back to the vet on Monday to remove the drains and check the wounds. My fingers are crossed that he's done then.

In the meantime we have a wounded dog who couldn't be more like a stuffed animal right now. For all the days I wanted him to calm down, I never wanted it to happen because he was injured.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Oreo... what an ordeal on Halloween night (for you all and the girls). So... I hope you're giving the vet & medications bills to the sorry neighbor (read the double entendre).

I stopped walking our dogs due to a neighbor with a large Shepard who walk their dog. IMHO, only one of them could hold the dog back if he decided to lunge (which I've seen him do). He went flying across the road at another neighbor's dog when he got out by accident. I'm just not taking a chance... luckily we have a fenced in back yard.

The cones are no fun... especially for a big dog. We call our big dog 'crash' when she's got to wear her cone as she bangs around the walls and furniture(we keep the same cone... it's really heavy duty and she's needed it a few times over the years).

Wishing Oreo a speedy recovery.