Monday, November 5, 2012

No police contact this week please

Somehow the girls had a full house for their Halloween party Saturday. Despite handing out invitations to a whole bunch of adults we ended up with 15 children running around in costume.

Normally we'd put Oreo on a tie-up in the backyard and have a party. He loves to be part of the action. We decided it wasn't such a good idea for this party. I don't worry about him harming children on normal days. Since he was attacked on Halloween, things haven't been normal.

Oreo spent the afternoon at Grammie's house. The two of them had a quiet afternoon, which was perfect for both. We went over to pick-up Oreo after the party.

On the way home we were driving down a busy road when I glanced up at the rearview mirror. I saw some bright lights coming at us quickly. I didn't have time to say anything before this car rammed us as we were moving. Yes, we were rear-ended while we were driving. I immediately stopped the mini-van. The bright yellow car moved around us, hitting our passenger side back bumper.

The car didn't stop. It sped down the street with a trail of liquid behind it.

I started yelling to call 9-1-1. My husband didn't have his phone so I grabbed mine. My hands were shaking as I dialed the number. A man drove next to our mini-van to say that the same car almost hit him a few blocks back.

Luckily for us my husband had the presence of mind to figure out the make of the car and the first part of the license plate. If I hadn't been yelling call 9-1-1, he probably would have gotten the whole license plate number.

Since this is going to end up on court, I'll skip a lot of the details except to say the idiot driving ended up hitting a Com Ed transformer box before his car stopped in the middle of a busy intersection. There were emergency vehicles from several suburbs involved. We ended up at that location because the police officer who took our report asked us to follow him to see if it was the same car that hit us. It was.

No one will be surprised to learn that the idiot was drunk. He was so drunk in fact that the police said he was completely incoherent. He smashed his car so badly that he needed to be cut out of his car.

We were all okay, except for a lot of aches and pains. Even today we're a bit achy. Nothing was broken and we're grateful for that.

It wasn't until the light of day that we realized why we weren't injured more. We had a bike carrier hitch on the back bumper. It was smashed into the bumper when the idiot rammed his car into ours. The hitch seems to have taken a lot of the impact so we didn't end up in the emergency room.

If I had one goal for this week it is for us not to have any contact with the local police departments this week. Each officer has been very kind and professional, but enough is enough. I'm ready to take a break now.

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