Saturday, November 17, 2012

I want braces

The brunette twin wants braces. Now. Right now. Immediately. I told her that eventually she will get braces. All the kids in the family seem to have had braces. She does not want to wait.

This all started at the last Brownies meeting. A friend has braces with colorful metal pieces. They were sparkly and flashy. She was completely taken by them.

Braces have moved from a medical procedure to a fashion accessory. The brunette twin is giddy at the thought of wearing braces.

I haven't had them, but I understand they are painful at first. Let's hope she feels the same way when she actually gets braces.


Missy said...

My oldest daughter got braces last year and she has definitely experienced significant pain at times. It is usually post orthodontist appointment when they make a major adjustment. I have yet to hear her say they are fun and cool. But she doesn't complain and does a good job following the orthodontists rules. Well she does now anyway. She struggled a bit at first, so my husband sat down and figured out how much the braces were costing us each day. It turned out to be $5 a day. (Which about gave me a heart attack) So we told her that unless she wanted to start paying us $5 a day, she needed to take care of her braces properly. Not had an issue since!

Shari said...

I love that you figured out how much the braces are costing you. I'll have to remember to do that when our time comes.