Friday, November 9, 2012

Do you like your new haircut?

One fun thing about the girls is they still young enough that they don't always filter what they say. I recently came home with a new haircut. In the space of a couple of hours each girls said, "Mom, do you like your new haircut?" They said it with a smile, but it was clear they didn't like my haircut.

It turns out neither of them like my haircut. There are many reasons for this. First my hair is quite a bit shorter than it was. The girls wanted me to grow my hair to be as long as theirs. Let's just say that was their plan not mine. My hair was quite a bit longer than it had been in a long time and they liked it that way.

I hadn't planned to cut so much, but the stylist suggested a big change. I went with it. I was ready for something different and I walked out with something different. I'm not sure I really like it as much as I liked the idea of something different.

The good news is my hair will grow so they won't have to live with my haircut for long. Even better is that when my hair grows I won't have to listen to the girls question my judgement. It's a bit scary when your daughters start passing on their fashion sense and I think they might be right.

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