Friday, November 23, 2012

Celebrating My Birthday

I had a weekend long birthday celebration. We enjoyed brunch at North Pond, walked through Lincoln Park Zoo and visited the Chicago History Museum. It was a lovely day with above average temperatures and bright sunshine.

On my actual birthday the girls had a friend spend the night. All three girls frosted the cupcakes with loads of sprinkles.

The best part of my birthday was the cards the girls wrote. The brunette twin wrote a sweet card with adorable drawings. The blond twin wrote a card with sweet drawings and a lovely verse. My favorite part of the card was when she wrote, "You're not old."

Yes, my darling baby wrote a birthday card to let me know I wasn't old. Even though the reality is I am an older mom, she always gets upset when I say, "Sorry, I'm old. Deal with it." This bothers her a lot. To make me feel younger on my birthday she wrote a card telling me I'm not old. It was cute and caring, even if it wouldn't have been most people's idea of a happy birthday card.

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