Sunday, October 28, 2012

Girls Night Out with Grammie

Whenever we say we're going out on a Saturday night our girls immediately say, "Can we stay overnight at Grammie's?"

I love this. Mom is their only grandparent now. I'm happy that they ask to spend time with her. The minute I confirm with Mom, the girls start planning. They ask every day when they are spending the night at Grammie's.

As soon as they get to Grammie's they want to change into their pajamas. A night at Grammie's means the girls are going to hang in their jammies watching TV and playing games. They play card games like 31 and board games like Aggravation. They plan to eat either pizza or mac-n-cheese, followed by a treat before bedtime. Grammie always keeps some chocolate in a glass bowl. I'm sure they sneak some of those. Of course Grammie always knows they are eating it so the girls only think they are sneaking it.

For me the best part of the night is that they are making fun memories with Grammie. If grandparents are unconditional love, Mom excels at that with all her grandchildren. The more the girls can bask in Grammie's love the better.

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