Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Write that it's a palpable mass

As a follow-up, our pediatrician ordered an ultrasound of the bump on the brunette twin's neck. We arrived at the hospital to a waiting room full of people. I could see the brunette twin's anxiety rising as we waited. The blond twin was edgy as her sister became anxious. The two of them talked and tried to read and play, but mostly they just want to be together.

They were in the bathroom together when the tech called the brunette twin. I called them and she said, "Oh, it's okay." I replied, "They are just playing. They've been in there a long time." Truth be told I was glad they went into the bathroom to play. For some reason those girls always end up giggling and laughing when they are in the bathroom together. It's like their private play space.

We barely entered the room when the blond twin started trying to distract her sister. Throughout the ultrasound she did her best to keep her twinnie from thinking about the ultrasound. Even though it didn't hurt the brunette twin, you could see the fear in her eyes.

About half way through the test the brunette twin's eyes welled up. She barely kept the tears from falling. The tech said she needed to get someone else to look at the ultrasound. That's when the tears started from both girls.

The brunette twin started crying because she was scared. Why did someone else have to come was all she wanted to know. The blond twin cried because her sister cried. She asked the brunette twin what she could do to make her feel better.

When the second tech came in both women started poking the brunette twin's neck. They used their fingers and the ultrasound want to go over the same spot time and time again. They started discussing what to put in the notes. Was it a lump? Or a palpable mass?

In the end they decided on palpable mass as the description. For some reason this made more sense to them than saying it was a lump. For me it made no difference. There was something that concerned them and I had no one to talk to about it.

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