Sunday, September 30, 2012

That's what the smoke detector sounds like

I've been collecting cast iron cookware for the past few years. I really like the way food cooks in those. When we were in Tennessee this summer we stopped at the Lodge Outlet. It was like I stepped into cast iron heaven. After a few dazed minutes during which I could not concentrate with all the choices in front of me, I finally settled on a few things.

I've been making pancakes on two cast iron griddles. When those get hot there is a decent amount of smoke. Now that I know this is normal, I always open a few windows when I cook with the cast iron griddle.

This morning I had three cast iron pans in the oven and a griddle on the stove top. I turned on the range hood and opened a window. I guess I underestimated the amount of smoke because just as I was about done with the last pancakes we heard loud beeping.

It took a minute before we realized the smoke alarm was going off. I ran into the family room to turn on the fan. We opened lots of windows. A few minutes after it started, the smoke detector stopped beeping.

Of course the girls were worried that the fire department was going to come by. They thought the smoke detector was connected to the fire department so when it went off it triggered a visit from the firemen.

The good news is the smoke detector works. The bad news is the weather is getting colder so I need a new strategy to clear out the smoke when I cook. Clearly one window cracked open and the range hood vent wasn't enough.

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