Friday, September 21, 2012

Sleep is NOT Punishment

If there is on thing I wish the blond twin would learn it is that sleep is not punishment. The girl just drive me crazy with her complete aversion to sleep. She wants nothing more than to stay up late. We want nothing more than to get her into bed on time.

The problem is that she doesn't sleep late when she's up late. The next day she's an overtired, cranky girl.

The brunette twin would really like to sleep as much as possible. When I say "You were up late last night. You need to take quiet time (aka a nap) this afternoon" the brunette twin happily agrees. The blond twin acts like we're the meanest parents ever.

Someday she'll say to me, "I'm so tired. I wish I had time for a nap." I'll remind her that when she had the opportunity to nap she never wanted to sleep. It's always that way isn't it? When you're a child you don't appreciate things like being able to sleep just because you're tired.


Missy said...

This cracks me up because this is something that truly baffles my husband. He can NOT comprehend how anyone would not want to sleep when given the opportunity. It used to drive him nuts when my girls were babies and would fight sleep. Of course he is the type of person who can sleep anywhere and be out in no time.

Missy said...

This phenomenon drives my husband crazy. He can not comprehend why people would want to avoid sleep. OF course he is the type of person who can fall asleep anywhere within 5 minutes if he tries.