Monday, September 3, 2012

Pay the Babysitter

Whenever we have to pay someone like the girls' babysitter or piano teacher, I hand the girls the money and say, "Pay Anna. Or Amanda. Or Phebes." You get the point.

Sometimes I say to the girls, "You know Anna doesn't teach you for fun. This is her job."

My point, and they get it, is that people work for money. The way you get paid is to work. The way you take control of what you want is to work. You want to buy an iPod? You need to work and save your money until you can afford it.

They talk about working and saving for what they want, so I know it's a lesson they understand. Sometimes ongoing, subtle lessons actually work.

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Anonymous said...

I do something similar with my son, but with tips. When he gets his hair cut, I give him the money to give a tip. We talk about how a tip is earned (not required to be given) and that some jobs don't pay much in base salary and people depend on tips (so be generous when it's a job well done).