Thursday, September 6, 2012

Her Own Cinderella Moment

The blond twin has a bad habit of not paying attention to what she is doing. This leads to a lot of spilled stuff, bruised limbs and bumped heads.

The other night we were out to dinner with Gramma when the blond twin bounced herself off the bench, hit her head on the table and sat back up. The best part is she never stopped talking. Gramma said, "Are you okay?" She said, "Yes. It doesn't hurt." And she kept telling her story. It's like she really didn't realize she hit her head until Gramma asked her.

The moment which ended up with her on knees in the kitchen cleaning the cabinets was a little morning fun. She was talking and waving her hands and she managed to spill her orange juice in a way that spread it all across the kitchen floor and several cabinets. I cracked and told her I'd clean up the floor because we needed to get to school, but she had to clean the cabinets.

She wasn't very happy when she cleaned the cabinets. She complained that it wasn't fair that she had to clean all the cabinets when we didn't know which cabinets were hit with orange juice. She complained when I told her she had to open the cabinet doors to clean the insides.

She moaned and groaned like it was hard labor, but eventually she finished. I don't know if she learned her lesson or not, but at least we have clean cabinets.

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