Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday

We were discussing Daddy's birthday when the blond twin said, "No, don't buy Daddy anything. We have so much stuff in the basement we don't use. We'll wrap it. We shouldn't be wasteful." Of course, I was a bit skeptical of this plan. We do have some unused, unopened stuff in the basement, but it's not like we're hording stuff.

As Daddy's birthday came closer the girls got a little giddy. They started making Daddy birthday cards. They wrote and illustrated comic strips for Daddy. They couldn't wait to give Daddy his presents.

Daddy smiled and ahhhhed at each present. A couple he recognized, but several he didn't. I did buy him two things just to round off the pile. He laughed at the comic strips as much for the  creativity as for the story. He said it was a great birthday.

When I mentioned the girls' plan to give him presents without buying anything, he smiled and said, "Well, they were right. I didn't remember all of it."

Hmmmm....maybe I should take the girls' gift giving advice more often.

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