Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bra shopping with the babies

After a long and stressful week I took the girls out for a fun afternoon. It seemed like a good way to take their minds off all the medical stuff that happened.

We were in Target spending the gift cards Uncle Steve, Alyssa, Jake and Zack gave the girls for their birthday. I wasn't planning to go bra shopping with the girls, but we were standing in front of the display looking at socks when the girls started begging to try on bras.

Are you kidding was the first thing that ran through my mind. The second thing was the realization that they would need bras sooner than I liked to think. I think of the girls as my babies, but they are clearly tweens headed in a direction requiring bras. Several girls in their classes already wore bras. Our girls talked about bras constantly.

We bought them the American Girl book about taking care of their bodies. They worked hard to explain to me the physical changes requiring a bra. When I changed the topic, they let me know they read it in the book we gave them. They had an official source behind their constantly lobbying.

They stood in front of the display talking about which bras to try on. They made fun of the bras with the molded cups. They giggled about how silly they would look in those. They finally settle on bras I'd actually let them try on and wear. I think calling it a bra is a bit overselling the item. It's more like a half tank top, but it said bra on the tag so they were thrilled.

We left Target with bras for each girl. They were so excited that they could hardly stop talking about the undergarments. They thanked me so many times I finally lost count. It's probably a bit early for them to wear bras, but it made them so happy I was glad to buy bras. It was worth it for the smiles.

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