Saturday, August 11, 2012

Snapshots from Lake Geneva

The girls and I spent a wonderful week in Lake Geneva with my Mom. When our friends asked if we wanted to stay at their house, I said yes. Daddy couldn't join us as he had to work. I knew that was a possibility, so I asked Mom to come with us.

It was a fun week for all of us. The girls spent a lot of time with Grammie learning how to play 31. She told them that she used to play when she was a little girl, so they wanted to learn immediately. It turns out they can be card sharks. Both girls did their best to beat us once they figured out the how to win.

Mom spent most of her time on the deck overlooking Lake Como. She watched the neighborhood activities, enjoying the comings and goings of the residents and visitors. She played with the girls, talked to Oreo and read her book. We went on a boat tour of Geneva Lake to admire the summer mansions. It was a nice change of pace for Mom.

We had visitors several times during the week. Friends and their children joined us for an afternoon of swimming and playing in the sand.

Since the Olympics were on I let the girls watch TV more than usual. They sat with Grammie talking about the different teams and countries. They discussed the possibilities of each athlete winning a medal. They talked about the different sports like seasoned television reporters. It was fun to watch.

After a busy week we went back home. Mom gushed about how much she enjoy the week. The girls have lots of fun memories with Grammie. It was a big success for everyone.

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