Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm Bringing Dreamy Back

One of the birthday presents the girls received was a Tiger Beat magazine. My first thought was "that is still around?" My second thought, after the giggling and squealing stopped, was "they are officially tweens."

You know all about tweens. It's that magical age between little girl and teenager when boys are cute and things are still innocent. The girls are firmly there.

They talk about their favorite boy bands and singers constantly. They are "crushing" on different boys all the time. They discuss clothes and cute hair and fun nails.

Whenever I mention a specific boy band or singer to their Daddy or Gramma I roll my eyes up and say, "He's so dreamy, isn't he?" One of the girls will giggle and explain why he's dreamy.

The other day we were talking about boy bands and the blond twin said, "I think Cody Simpson is more dreamy than any of those guys." Since then both girls have used dreamy to describe cute boys in their class and on TV.

I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. Without much effort I worked dreamy into their vocabulary. Of course, if they know I think it's cute when they say it they will stop so it's our secret, right?

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