Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Creativity Leads to a Puppet Show

The girls were strangely quite yesterday. They took a lot of paper and crayons into their room. The door stayed closed for hours. Shortly before we went to dinner, Daddy said, "Before you go to bed you need to clear a path to your beds."

I didn't look in their room. I just didn't want to know.

At bedtime the girls asked if they could leave their project on the green rug. I said of course. The green rug is the place they leave their games overnight so nothing is changed or destroyed.

When I went into their room, I was amazed at what they created. There were puppets neatly lined up on the rug. The girls used a piece of paper to draw, cut out and color the puppets. They used yarn to tie the puppets to a pencil. In all they had about 20 different Harry Potter characters.

This morning they finished all their characters and practiced their show. They had nearly 30 puppets in all and several sets when they were done.

The final puppet show included all the characters in the first Harry Potter book. The girls acted out main scenes using their scenery and different furniture. They had different voices for different characters. It was very elaborate and detailed. They were so proud of themselves.  

It was fun to watch because they were so excited. Of course, now we're expecting a new show each time they read the next book in the series. It means six more performances are in our future.

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