Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Help Necessary

We were sitting on my brother Steve's deck at Jake's 8th grade graduation party last night when my husband said, "Did you help the girls take apart their bunk beds?"

My blank stare and "HUH?" told him I did not.

I did hear them moving stuff around in their room before we left. They kept saying don't come in here. The brunette twin said, "You'll be surprised how strong we are." I replied, "Don't move the dresser." It turns out I didn't have to worry about them moving the dresser.

When they did do is decide they wanted to separate their bunk beds. Later I'd learn that they asked Daddy for help. He said no. They kept bugging him about rearranging their room. He finally said, "Do what you want." It never occurred to him that what they would do is separate their bunk beds by themselves.

To give you a clear picture of what this means, you have to visualize their bunk beds. We bought them a twin over double, which means there is a twin bed on the top and a double bed on the bottom. The twin bed sits on top four inch metal pins to hold it in place.

Our eight-year-old twin daughters lifted a twin bunk bed up to clear the four inch metal pins and carried it over their double bed before plopping it on the floor. We did hear them drop it on the floor. We thought one of them jumped off the bed. I yelled "Are you ok?" They said, "Yes Mom."

When the reality of what they did set in we were alternately impressed and angry. I had to admit it was clever of them to figure out how to separate the beds and to move them without destroying them. I was mad because they could have really, really hurt themselves.

We asked them why they wanted to separate their beds. The blond twin said, "We wanted some space." I said, "Really? Sleeping on the top and bottom beds wasn't enough space?" The brunette twin said neither of them wanted to sleep on the top bunk.

When we told other people at the party, Aunt Sue-Sue laughed and said, "Well, you didn't tell them not to move the beds." Uncle Dave, who owns a furniture moving company, said, "I should hire them."

We talked to them about why they shouldn't move the beds again and how we were going to rearrange their room to accommodate the new sleeping arrangements. By this morning they had buyer's remorse. They said they wanted their beds back together, but I said no. They will have to live with it for a few weeks and then we'll talk about it again. For now they can live with their remodeling project, if for no other reason than I need to recover from the fact that they did it at all.

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Christina said...

When my brother was about that age he wanted a phone in his room. My parents said no. He then proceeded to wire the phone from the family room up to his bedroom. My parents realized what happened when the phone rang in the kitchen and my brother's room. They were impressed enough to let him keep it for a week before they made him put it back where it belonged.