Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Camp

The blond twin swooned when I asked her if she wanted to go to book camp. She said, "They really have book camp?" It was like her dreams came true.

She loves to write books. These aren't short stories. These are long, detailed, layered stories and illustrations. Everyone who reads them says "She did this for fun?" The idea of spending time at a camp where all the kids were working on books made her smile.

On the first day of camp we discovered that all the other kids in camp were girls. There was one boy signed up for the class, but he never showed up. A whole bunch of girls talking about writing books? It just kept getting better for the blond twin. 

Each day she came home with another story. One day they wrote the "about the author" piece. She teased us about the dedication, but wouldn't say who was included. She fretted about the story and how it should go. She asked a lot of questions about her pictures. In other words, she loved it.

Her teacher did a great job. She not only taught them about writing different parts of the book, she managed to make the blond twin even more excited about writing books. When she came home with her finished book on the last day, the blond twin showed me the side of it first. I didn't understand immediately, but then she said, "Mom, it has words on the spine. It's a real book."

Her new goal is to write enough books to create her own library. I think she's on her way.

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