Friday, June 15, 2012

Twin Bond in Action

We had to take the blond twin for an x-ray this morning. Nothing series, but just something the doctor wanted to check regarding her spine. In the days leading up to the appointment, we talked a lot about what an x-ray was and what it would feel like. We made plans for all four of us to go with to the hospital.

The blond twin had a lot of questions, but the brunette twin was the real mess. Every time we talked about it her eyes would well up and she'd try not to cry. This morning the blond twin was clearly very nervous and clingy. She sat on my lap while we were waiting. When the nurse said only one parent could go into the room, the blond twin grabbed Daddy's hand.

The brunette twin and I sat in the waiting area. She buried her head into my shoulder and quietly cried. She whispered questions to me as tears ran down her face. She was so nervous. I felt badly for her because I knew that nothing I said would make her feel better. She just wanted her sister.

Eventually she moved from my lap to the seat next to me. She stopped crying, but wouldn't let go of my hand. She kept asking questions.

When the blond twin and Daddy came out of the x-ray room, the brunette twin ran to her sister and hugged her. She walked next to her as we walked out of the hospital. I asked the blond twin a lot of questions and she seemed fine with her x-ray experience.

I always tell them that no one will ever annoy them as much as their twin and no one will love them as much. Today we saw the second part of that on display. No matter how nervous or worried Daddy and Momma were, the brunette twin felt it twice as much.

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