Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Technology Failure

I was late picking up the blond twin from her summer camp this week because my computer calendar reminder didn't launch like I thought it would. I'm sure it's not the technology's fault. I'm certain that I didn't schedule it properly.

How sad is that? I was 30 minutes late to pick-up the blond twin because I relied on my computer calendar rather than my memory. I was watering plants in the backyard and walking the dog when I should have been at her camp. It wasn't like I didn't know I needed to pick-up our daughter. It was that I just figured my electronic calendar would remind me.

When I arrived at her camp, the blond twin was happily chatting with her teacher. She's in "book camp" where they are learning all the elements of writing a book. The blond twin and her teacher were discussing the "about" section in which a short description of the author is written.

I apologised a lot and hugged her tightly. She said, "Oh mom, I knew you weren't going to leave me here. I told my teacher you were probably walking Oreo."

Okay, so she was not worried, but I was. Mostly I was worried that I was so reliant on technology that I didn't bother to even try to remember what time I had to pick-up our daughter.

You can bet that won't happen again. Now I have notes on my paper calendar and make mental notes about important times.

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