Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Double the Money, Double the Fun

The brunette twin could hardly talk about anything else but pony camp all weekend. She bubbled every time she said something.

We walked into pony camp yesterday and her face fell. She stared at the other kids in line. While the sign-up was for six to eight year olds, it was clear the majority of the kids were six. And, they were tiny six year olds. There wasn't a child who came up to her shoulders.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I'm the oldest kid here. I don't want to stay here. Please let me come home."

My heart broke for her.

When we walked in the woman giving directions asked if we were there for pony camp or horse camp. I looked at the girls and said, "Come with me."

We walked to the office and I asked about moving the brunette twin to horse camp. They said they could do it. Horse camp was twice as much money and twice as long as pony camp. I handed my debit card to the clerk and signed the paperwork.

We had to run home and get the bruntte twin some leggings as horse camp had different clothing requirements. She already had a lunch, but it was more of a heavy snack. I didn't think to get her more food while we were home.

When we came back she changed quickly and said, "What if I don't make any friends?" I said, "You came to be with horses. You all like horses. You'll find someone to hang with during class." She didn't look convinced as she went back to her seat on the bench because she wanted to be with the horses so badly.

As we left the blond twin went through her worries. What if Sissy doesn't make any friends? What if she is scared? What is she gets hurt and I'm not there? I didn't tell her the brunette twin had some of the same concerns when we left her at book camp.

The good news is the brunette twin loves horse camp. It is just as wonderful as she imaged. She came home flithy and smelly and happy. What else could I ask from horse camp?

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