Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, She Plays Golf?

The girls have a new girl in their golf class. Last year it was just the two of them. This year their golf teacher added Holly, an eleven-year-old, to the class.

The three of them play at about the same level. I was worried that she'd be a lot better because she was three years older than the girls. In my head that equalled three more years of lessons. Luckily Holly only had two years of golf lessons so she was about the same as the girls. I figured as much since Mr. Rick said, "she'll fit in great with the girls since she's a natural too."

At dinner we talked about their first lesson of the season. We talked about what they need to work on and how the golf clubs fit. When Daddy asked the girls about Holly,  they said, "She's eleven. She wears glasses like us. She has her own cell phone and she wears a bra."

Oh, and she probably played some golf with them, although it clearly didn't make an impression on our girls.

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