Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clothing Shouts Their Personalities

We were at a Mother's Day tea this afternoon when I looked at the girls' outfits. I saw them at our house, but as we were sitting at the table I realized their outfits really detailed their personalities.

The blond twin was wearing her Christmas dress with her hair in a bun and strappy, gold sandals. For a bit of fun, she made a point of telling everyone the sandals used to belong to her Grammie, who sat at the table beaming every time someone said, "Really?"

The brunette twin was wearing a colorful sundress with a colorful shrug, purple ballet slippers and had her hair down with a few strands pulled off her face in a butterfly clip. It was a casual, breezy spring look.

Their outfits were a perfect contrast between fancy and casual, just like their personalities.

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