Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Second Grade Wind Down

The girls' school is starting to wind down second grade already. They don't get out of school for another five weeks, but already we're hearing things like "Once we take this assessment, we don't have any more math homework. We're done with our second grade requirements."

This annoys me to no end. They have to go to school for five more weeks. They will still have math class, but it will focus on "fun math." Huh?

I realize the teachers and administrators need time to place children for the next grade, determine lesson plans, finalize this year's grades, etc. What frustrates me is that it starts so soon.

Even thought the school seems to be winding down Mommy is not. The girls now get to do a few pages of "mommy homework" every day after school. It will continue throughout the summer to make sure they don't slide backwards. The school might be done, but in our house it's just getting started.

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