Friday, April 13, 2012

School Picture Drama

In our house the blond twin is the picture of a strong, independent young girl. Too often the brunette twin is seen as meek, but that is not true.

The difference between the girls is that the blond twin wants to assert herself at all times. She doesn't let an opportunity to test us pass. The brunette twin picks her battles. When she decides to assert herself, she has thought about it for a long time and considered all the consequences.

Today the brunette twin bounced into our bedroom wearing a pretty colorful outfit.  She had on a white top with yellow piping and pink circles, a pink skirt with dark pink circles and pink capri leggings. It was quite a contrast from the flowery blue shirt and leggings we picked out last night.

As they usually do, the girls thought through the reasons for the outfit change. They had a long list of reasons the brunette twin should wear the new outfit. 

The really frustrating part was that we spent some time last night making sure their outfits matched. Today in school the girls are taking a photo together. The blue outfits were meant to look good together in the photo. Both outfits looked cute on the girls. I thought we were set.

The brunette twin went to school in her pink circle outfit. It wasn't what we chose, but she defended it strongly. She argued her case like a lawyer. She closed the deal by saying, "Do you mean you don't think it looks pretty on me?  Don't I look pretty?"

Ugh! She knows my weak spot. She spends a lot of time worry about how she looks. Of the two girls, the brunette twin is the more sensitive when it comes to her height, weight, clothes, etc.

I replied, "Of course you're pretty in the outfit, but the other one matches better."  It wasn't my best effort, but I had just woken up when they bounced into our bedroom.

In the end she wore the outfit. All I can hope is the photos are from the waist up.

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