Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Second Grade Style

The girls are giddy today about Valentine's Day.  They took a bag of Valentines to school for their class and teachers.  In the bag they added Valentines for everyone from the custodian to their PE teachers.  They have one for their crossing guard and lunch lady.

It's so sweet, isn't it?  Second grade is just a wonderful time.  The girls are old enough to be able to help prepare Valentines, but not old enough to be cynical about it.  There's a sweetness to their work that comes from being excited that you can create and distribute your own Valentines.

I'll be headed to school today for their ice cream social.  As room parent, my job is to scoop ice cream for the class.  Last night we went to the store and they picked two flavors:  Cookies and Cream and Vanilla.  I bought two gallons of each, but now I'm wondering if I should have bought more.  We also bought whipped cream and sprinkles. 

Sugar and cards.  It's the perfect Valentines celebration.

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