Sunday, February 5, 2012

Summer Blond Again

Last summer I let the blond twin use Sun In to create blond highlights in her ever-darkening hair.  Our family had a long, hard summer.  The Sun In brightened her hair and her mood.  It made me happy to see her so happy with something as simple as blond streaks.  Since then, strangers have asked us about the blond twin's hair many times.  The blond streaks really do look adorable on her.

The problem is using Sun In has the same maintenance issues as any other hair color product.  If you stop using it, then you start getting dark roots.  Yes, my eight-year-old daughter had dark blond roots growing in once she stopped spending time in the summer sun.

I spent a lot of time pointing out her ever-darkening roots.  She glared each time I said she was going from sun-kissed blond to dark blond.  Her reaction was always funny -- at least I thought she was funny.

During our trip to Orlando, I sprayed some Sun In on the top of her head.  While we were enjoying Sea World, the Clearwater Marine Hospital and the Kennedy Space Center, the Sun In worked its magic to lighten her hair again. 

She's now totally blond again.  She's a happy girl because she is blond from top to bottom.  I'm thinking that I'm a bit crazy to let her do this, but I started it, so it's my own fault. 

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