Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out of Balance

The blond twin is having a hard time with her sister's growth spurt.  She developed a jealous streak because her sister has been getting new clothes at a faster rate than she has.  The blond twin understands that it's because her sister is growing, and none of her clothes/coats/etc. fit anymore.  It doesn't make her feel better, though.

The new coat seems to have pushed her over the edge.  Since the brunette twin has been showing off her new coat, the blond twin keeps saying, "It's not fair.  I want a new coat too."  We talked about how we don't get new things just because we're tired of the old things.  She said she knew that when she outgrew her coat, she'd get a new coat too. 

We went into the basement to look at the new clothes waiting for her.  She took a few things upstairs and tried them on with glee.  It didn't really help, though.  She's feeling a little left behind still.

The girls used to be much closer in height.  Now that the brunette twin seems to be outpacing her sister, the blond twin doesn't like it.  She says, "We're twinnies.  We supposed to be the same size.  It's not fair."

She has started telling everyone that she's the older twin.  Sissy might be taller, but she's older.  It seems to be her way of equalling the balance -- for now at least.

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Anonymous said...

That will last until they face 30or some other milestone b-day when you feel like you're getting old ;-)

My oldest brother & sister are twins. He always said he was older until they approached their 50th birthday. Then the truth came out... she was the older twin!
Which he points out all the time now.