Monday, January 23, 2012

Me & Abe Splitting Rails

The girls are studying about Martin Luther King, Jr. in school.  When we drove home from church yesterday, I told them about the time I met his wife, Coretta Scott King, at a conference.  I was on the board of the group so I had the opportunity to sit with her at dinner and talk about many different topics.  The girls were very excited about their connection to history.  They had lots of questions, which I answered as best as I could.

After the conversation slowed, the blond twin said, "Have you met anyone else famous?"  I told  her I met some other people she might study about and when they started learning about them, I'd tell them those stories.

She said, "Well, we're learning about Abraham Lincoln.  Did you ever meet him?"

I protested, "I'm not that old.  He died more than 100 years ago."

She calmly replied, "Oh, did you ever meet his children or anyone in his family?"

I said, "No.  I have no connections to Abraham Lincoln."

She said, "That's okay.  It's so interesting that you meet Coretta Scott King. I'm going to tell my teacher at school tomorrow."

She and her sister started a new conversation about what game to play at home.  As we drove home and all I kept thinking was "the blond twin thinks I'm old enough to have met Abraham Lincoln."  A day later I'm not sure I've recovered from the fact that she thinks I'm that old.

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Kim/reluctant renovator said...

When I was the age of your daughters a family friend took me to the Chicago Historical Society. I asked her what is was like living through the Chicago Fire. I have never lived that moment down. I think she even reminded me of that story at my wedding. Do not take it personally. Kids have a very warped sense of age and time.