Friday, January 20, 2012

Learning a New Number

Since I bought my first car ( a baby blue Pinto from my Aunt Linda), I've had the same license plate number.  When we married, my license plates moved to the car my husband currently drives.  I've had numerous home and work phone numbers, different addresses and different bank account numbers.  I've always had the same license plate number.

Last night someone stole my license plates as our car sat in the train station parking lot.  My husband completed the required police report.  Today he's planning to get new license plates.

Now I have to learn a new license plate number.  Actually, I have to learn two license plate numbers.  I drive a mini-van with his license plates on it. I've never learned those numbers. Whenever someone asks, I have to go out and write down the number. Really, how often do you need to know your license plate number?

Still, there's something sad about knowing that my plates are probably being used on a car involved in activities the driver doesn't want traced back to him/her.  With my luck, we'll be watching the news one night and the announcer will say a car with my plates was involved in a crime.  Ick.  Ick.  Ick.

I realize there are worse things than having your license plates stolen.  It's just a little odd to think that a number I've had since I was 16 is no longer mine. 

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Anonymous said...

Man... I must have 10 or so different plates since my first car that I bought after college (and that doesn't include the plates my husband has on his car). I've moved to different states, which means a different set of plates. I have multiple plates from the same state having moved back to one state two different times and a plate design change in another. They are all hanging in my garage. I've had the same plates for the last 10 years but only have the first 3 charater's memorized. It might take me another 10 years to learn the last few.