Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Next Time I'll Be Completely Biased

I am in so much trouble with the brunette twin.  They had a costume party at their Brownies meeting.  At the end the moms were asked to clap for each girl to choose the best costume.

It's hard to believe I didn't get this right, but I didn't.  When the girls showed off their costumes, all the moms clapped politely.  No one clapped more for her daughter than for anyone else's daughter.  We thought we were showing how to be on the same team.  Everyone looked great.  No one costume was better than the others.

As soon as we buckled into the minivan, the brunette twin said, "Why didn't you clap louder for us?"  I said, "We all clapped the same for everyone.  You all looked cute."

"We're your babies.  Next time you clap more for us than for the other girls," the brunette twin said angrily.  I mean she was really, really mad at me.  I got that message loud and clear.  I apologized and said I would clap more for them than the others next time.

From this point forward my job is to be their head cheerleader.  I will clap loudly when required and embarrass them by calling out their names when appropriate -- or not.  This is one job I can be really good at with just a little practice.

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