Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And the winner is...

The girls came home from school just bubbling with excitement.  Their class needed to elect a class representative and alternate for their student council.  They begged us to let them both run.  We signed the forms and returned them.

Yesterday they announced that only three kids were running.  The good news was one of them would win.  The bad news was it was highly possible that only one of them would win.  Walking home from school we talked about what would happen if only one of them was elected.  We discussed different ways to react when one girl's name wasn't called.  The brunette twin cried a little when she realized she might not win.  By the time we got home they had mastered the art of congratulating the winner when it wasn't them.  At least I hoped so.

The girls ran out of school today with big grins.  The blond twin said, "Let's talk about the election when we get across the street."  As soon as we crossed they said, "We both won."  It was a tie, so their teacher flipped a coin.  The blond twin became the representative.  The brunette twin seemed thrilled that she won at all. 

Their friend Marcus wasn't too happy.  They said he cried, but they told us they congratulated him and said, "Good job!"  I doubt that made him feel better, but it did make me feel better.  They really did listen and learn.

Now that the big election is over the girls will attend student council meetings.  They have to take notes and report back to their class.  It's their first opportunity to be student leaders.  They are taking this very seriously, so I hope it lives up to their expectations. 

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