Monday, October 24, 2011

We've Been Boo-ed

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The first time it happened, we didn’t even know we’d been boo-ed. We opened our front door to find an orange, plastic pumpkin with treats and a poem. The second time it happened, the doorbell rang. By the time we opened the front door, the goblins were gone. The treats spilling out of orange, plastic cups sat on our front porch with a ghost and a poem.

Now it’s our turn. We’re going to boo several friends this weekend. I went to You’ve Been Boo-ed to print out the neighborhood version to include with our pumpkins. We have several extra pumpkins from different parties that we can fill with treats. The only argument in our house is who to boo. The poem asks you to boo two other people. Since we’ve been boo-ed twice, we figure we’ll boo four households. Of course, we have six potential families, so we might just boo them all.

Who will you boo? It’s easy and fun to spread a little Halloween fun. Why not join in the fun?

We boo-ed several families last night.  It was very fun for the girls.  They ran up to each house, dropped the treat and rang the doorbell.  At the first house, the brunette twin fell, but she jumped up and ran into the car.  The brunette twin had a scare at her final house when the motion detector lights went on.  She went from sneaking up to the door to standing in the bright lights.  The blond twin couldn't stop giggling when she went to boo her friends.  She was completely out of breath when she slammed the car door.  I only hope it was as fun for the recipients as it was for us.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the first year you've been boo-ed? Wow... we've gotten boo-ed for the last 4 or 5 years. I get stuff for the Boo bags at the end of Halloween (since you have just a couple of days to do your Boos), but I had hoped that we'd be over this by now. I think a family with younger kids got us this year... so I'm thinking we're in it for a few more years.