Sunday, October 9, 2011

Role Reversal

When we rehabbed the family room, we added a surround sound system.  It really spoiled us.  There are a few songs I think sound much better when played a little louder than normal.  A few of them happen to be songs by artists the girls really like. 

Every time I turn up a song, the girls start saying, "Mom, turn it down.  It's too loud!"

Really?  I thought it was my job to tell them the music was too loud.   Knowing that it annoys them when I turn up the music, I often use this as a discpline technique.  When they start fighting, I'll crank up a song until they cannot hear each other anymore.  They stop arguing and yell in unison, "Mom, turn it down.  It's too loud."

There are some benefits to this role reversal after all.

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