Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making an Effort

After the school tested the girls -- yet again -- to see if they should move into the advanced math class, the principal called.  She said one girl was clearly ready and the other was one point below the required score.  She said one girl would be moved in January when they make the across-the-grade-level adjustments.  I expressed my concern that by January the girls would be so far behind that they wouldn't be able to catch-up.  (Ok, one girl in particular, but I'm assuming that the other girl will test in.)  We talked for a bit about what the school was going to do to keep them challenged until a move was made.  I felt better when I hung up the phone. 

It seemed like we were making progress until I explained it to my husband.  When the words started coming out of my mouth I realized how crazy it all was.  If one twin was ready, then she should be moved now.  What was she going to do until January?  Sit and review stuff she already knew?  This morning I emailed the principal asking why January was the transfer date.  I also asked her what the advanced class was doing now through January.  I told her we'd home school the girls in math until a transfer was made.

To her credit she called me a bit ago.  She said they were going to move up the transfer dates to the end of the first quarter -- about three weeks from now.  One twin would go for certain.  The other twin's transfer depends on her next test score.  

I talked to my husband and we're okay with this.  First, the one twin will be moved up quickly.  Second, once, she's in the program, we'll be able to work with her sister based upon the homework that comes home every day.  They might not both be in -- depending upon the next test -- but that doesn't mean they both won't benefit.

Of course, we're not telling the girls about a possible transfer until it happens.  They said they would be fine being separated, so that's not a concern.  We just don't want to get anyone's hopes up only to have them dashed again. 


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