Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Case of the Missing Denim Jackets

This is the perfect weather for a cute denim jacket.  Last year, the girls had two really cute, embroidered denim jackets.  They were just adorable in these jackets.  I'd like to see them in the jackets, but I can't.  Somehow, some way, the jackets went missing this summer.

What?  You don't understand how we can lose two denim jackets in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record?  Well, neither do we.

Once we discovered both jackets were missing, we tore apart the house.  We moved to the minivan and garage.  We started calling people at whose homes we might have left the jackets.  No luck.  Now we're feeling really crazy.  It was so hot we kept the air conditioner running for weeks on end.  There were only a few times we even considered taking a jacket.  Still, the denim jackets are missing in action.

The girls do have other jackets, but those are nearly too small.  The denim jackets should fit perfectly.  If only we could find them they'd be adorable on the girls.

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