Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brunette Appreciation Day

We're going to declare brunette appreciation day for all the time she spends keeping her twin occupied.  Really, I know she loves her twin, but keeping her busy is a full-time job.

I remembered this today while we were driving to apple picking.  The brunette twin saw quietly reading a book.  This meant the blond twin was on her own to entertain herself.  There were so many, many things she could have done from draw pictures to read a book.  Of course, she wanted to talk to us.  Since Daddy was driving, this meant I chatted with her.

For more than an hour we jumped from topic to topic to topic to topic.  Her brain moved at a rapid pace and everything she was thinking came straight at me.  I really had to pay attention to keep up with her.  By the time we got to the orchard, my mind was mush.  The girl had worn me down.

On the way home, the blond twin read a book.  When given the option of chatting with Mommy or sitting quietly, the brunette twin decided to sit quietly and relax.  Just one more reason we're going to host Brunette Appreciate Day.

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