Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Happens in the Garage?

Whenever we leave Oreo in the garage for a while, I wonder what he does.  We leave him with a new, big bone, so I know that keeps him busy for the some of the time.  Still, he's not chewing the bone the whole time we're gone. 

It has been a while since we've come home to find anything chewed or moved, so we know he's not exploring.  Most of the time when we open the door, he's just sitting there.  It's like he's just waiting to be let back into the house.

Now I know that's exactly what he's doing.

When I go to Mom and Dad's, I try to take Oreo with me.  They have a fenced in yard that's a nice place for him to play or run.  At first when he's in the backyard, he does explore.  He'll chase a bird or run back and forth with the neighbor's dog. 

After a while, he parks himself near the back door and sits upright.  The last time we were there I gave him a new bone.  He didn't even touch it.  He just sat at the backdoor.  He will lie down once in a while, but he spends most of his time just waiting to be let into the house.  Even though he doesn't go into Mom and Dad's house, he just sits there patiently waiting.

As soon as someone comes out the door again, he starts playing.  He'll run from end-to-end, play fetch and enjoy the attention.  I thought he'd like being outside more than he did being in the garage.  In the end, he seems not to care where he is if he's alone. 

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