Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tentative Scheduling

The hospital finally said that Dad had to go home.  He doesn't need true nursing care, so they really cannot help him anymore.  Now he's home and it's a whole new ballgame of home health care workers coming in and out.  It's still new to all of us, so we're trying to be available to help Mom as much as possible.  The reality is Dad isn't going to be self-sufficient ever again, so we do need to be around to help Mom.  The last thing we need is for her to end up in the hospital due to exhaustion.

This puts us in a strange state I call tentative scheduling.  We were invited to a party, which we really want to attend. My RSVP email said something like, "Dad's health pending, of course."  We have a family reunion cruise planned for this summer.  I know we should be buying plane tickets and updating our passports, but we haven't yet.  As with everything else, we don't know how Dad will be by July, so we aren't making any plans.

I'm not saying that we're sitting around waiting for a call requesting help.  The girls' world is pretty normal.  They still go to all their programs and see their friends.  As a family, we still go out to dinner, see movies, attend church, and plan vacations.  It's just that now our trips are car-based.  We're planning to visit some family in Maryland soon.  This is an easy trip that's less than a day's drive away.  We're not planning to put ourselves on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean any time soon. 

It's a strange mix of normalcy and urgency.  Some days I feel like everything is simply moving along.  Other days I feel that high-strung, stress all day.  The problem is we don't know what any day will be until we wake-up that morning. 

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