Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Scream and Then Blood

There hasn't been enough going on in our family lately, so the blond twin decided to add a little excitement to our "let's have a quiet afternoon" Sunday.  She was in the basement playing with her Sissy when she started screaming that blood curdling scream that makes parents stop breathing.

Daddy ran downstairs to find her standing at the bottom of the stairs screaming and crying.  At first we couldn't figure out what happened.  It's hard to understand a hysterical seven-year-old, especially one with a wailing twin in the background.  We finally figured out that the girls were on their teeter-totter when the blond twin fell and hit her head on the corner of their toy box.

At first we didn't see all the blood coming from the blond twin's head.  Her long hair and sweater covered it.  I hugged her and put my hand on the back of her head.  I saw a little blood, so I took her upstairs to get her in the shower. 

When I pulled up her hair to take her sweater off, I saw all the blood on her sweater.  Unfortunately, the brunette twin saw it too.  I had Daddy hustle the brunette twin out of the room before she became hysterical.  She was already gasping and tearing up.  The last thing we needed was two hysterical girls. 

Let's just say the blond twin wasn't happy about taking a shower.  We did a lot of convincing and promising to get her into the water.  We gave her some painkiller while she was in the shower.  Given the size of the bump of her head, we didn't want to wait.  It was going to hurt more than she could ever imagine. 

It wasn't until she was out of the shower that we decided she didn't need stitches.  Once the blood washed away, it was clear that she was hurt, but didn't require an emergency room visit.

The girls are in a winter academic camp, but the blond twin didn't want to go.  She just wanted to stay home and milk her injury for all the cuddling, treats and TV time she could get.  Plus, I'm sure it really did hurt as much as she said it did.  The brunette twin went off to camp, leaving her sister at home snuggling with Mommy. 

By the time we picked up the brunette twin, the blond twin was a bit better.  She and Daddy did decide to move the teeter-totter for a while.  One bloody fall was enough.  It's now an outside toy.

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