Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Leggings Season

At the beginning of each school year, my goal is to get the girls through the entire year in the same size.  I try not to replace their clothes throughout the year unless they move into a new size.  If their jeans are torn and tattered, so be it.  As long as their shirts aren't completely stained, they can wear them.

We were so close this year.  They are down to two pairs of jeans each.  These are the last two surviving pairs.  The rest were destroyed during the year.  It's one of the downsides of having PE every day.  It's great that they get the break during the day, but it really takes a toll on their pants. 

This morning the brunette twin started playing with her jeans.  She said, "Mom, I think I need to start wearing my leggings to school.  These just don't fit."

March in Chicago is an iffy time weather-wise. Some days make you think that spring is coming; others make you think winter is never gong to end. There will be a few more cold days, but the girls will have to deal with it.  Leggings season starts in our house today.

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Noelle said...

I love when spring finally kicks in and you can throw on sandals with those too-short pants and call them capris :)